About Us

We are Allcap Communications

ALLCAP Communications is a content and communications start-up conceptualised and
driven by a core team of media professionals.

With a mix of experience and youth, credibility and creativity, this team lives, breathes and celebrates words, visuals and ideas.

Allcap is led by Sumit Das Gupta, who has 24 years of journalistic experience with the ABP Group.

This team comprises some of the best young writing, visual and editing talent around the country, and enjoys goodwill across sectors, from education to entertainment, books to brands, and has a finger on the popular pulse.

We have two passions

Finding Stories

Drawing upon our long years in print and digital journalism, we set up and run dedicated phygital newsrooms that provide journalistic content to media organisations.

Telling Stories

We help people tell their stories in their voice, through a medium of their choice — be it book or screen, brochure or social media, brand strategy or marquee event.

Meet the Leadership Team

Sumit Das Gupta

ALLCAP is led by Sumit Das Gupta, who has close to 25 years of journalistic experience with the ABP Group. In December 2017, when he decided to move on and start his own venture, Sumit was Editor of Metro and t2, and Deputy Editor of The Telegraph. SDG has a simple work motto: Build a good team and good work will follow. His business maxim? People before Profits.

Avik Dey

A finance professional with 26 years’ experience in sectors like manufacturing, media and education, Avik has worked in diverse roles, including heading finance, operations and procurement functions; shaping strategy of media brands at a digital start-up and an online classifieds business; running a magazine business with seven titles and implementing ERP. He has also headed the business side of a university, overseeing admissions, placements and operations. A “sportsman” at heart, he is passionate about all things sport, be it watching, analysing or crunching data, and can bowl you over with his knowledge of sporting trivia.

Karo Christine Kumar

A features writer for more than a decade. Sip & bite, hospitality and travel are her forte. She enjoys deep connections within the F&B and restaurateur community in India and beyond. She is also our resident poet, painter and Instaguru.

Ramona Sen

The author of the novels Creme Brulee (Rupa Publications) and Pot Luck (Juggernaut Books), she has written on food, fitness and literature. When not enjoying her sixth lavish meal of the day, she is our in-house Miss Funnybones.

Kaushik Ghosh

He has more than a decade’s experience commissioning and editing stories for the news and city sections of The Telegraph. He is our go-to guy for tech solutions, sports analysis and our daily dose of sanity.

Chandreyee Chatterjee

The team geek, she has been writing on books, comics, films, TV, pop culture and youth issues for over a decade. She is armed with a lightsaber to protect the rights of pets and Benedict Cumberbatch.

PS: ALLCAP Communications was named by this team in honour of Sumit’s “dreaded” messages in capital letters that send us into a tizzy.

That, and also because this team Lives Life ALLCAP!

We Work With

Media to education to entertainment, books to businesses to brands